Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First on the case Diarrhea

Diarrhea often occurs in young dogs & cats. However, Dogs & Cats diarrhea can also fell ill. If this is left, then the condition of animals will be tearing down due to dehydration (lack of fluids). Next result is fatal because it can threaten animal life who we loves

At the time of diarrhea, body fluids are involved exit through the back. Frequency defecation very often can be compared in normal circumstances. When our pet animals in healthy conditions, the activity of defecation between 1 - 2 times a day. Consistency faeces solid form until quite soft. Now in diarrhea, the consistency faeses be very weak until the liquid is sometimes accompanied by blood and or mucus. Frequency of defecation also become more frequent. The more often the more dangerous if left without adequate help.

Main issues need to be done is to seek re-entry of fluid into the body of a dog / cat who fell ill diarrhea. How to give fluids oralit a little bit, but often. Should not use oralit usually due to human oralit page contains fruit taste, such as citrus. Pain is not very liked cats. Mix sugar spoon with a little salt in a glass of warm water.  Forced feeding solution oralit  with the spoon, or spuit (without needle). This is a bit forced animals to drink. But be careful not to do so hiccup.

Do not give food (fasting) for 24 hours when the animals are mature age. However, when still  (kitten / puppy) just 12 hours only. Give food that is not neutral & can iritation of digestion, such as boiled chicken meat or tuna fish stew that choping. Can also be yellow chicken stew. Food is so specific to this condition is also available.

Place the animal at that clean, dry and warm. Anti-diarrhea medication can also be given as Kaopectat, Nifural, etc. Newdiatabs. Note the well-dose.

If in 24 hours condition does not improve, take it to  your veterinarian. Infus action may be required to return the liquid that has been out.

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