Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What does swine flu do to piglets?

Issue Date: Veterinary Forum
May 2009
(Vol 26, No 5)

What does swine flu do to piglets?

BANGKOK, Thailand — Researchers studying the effects of H1N1 influenza in a group of piglets have found that all infected animals showed flu-like signs 1 to 4 days after infection and were shedding virus 2 days after infection, according to Virology Journal.

Roongroje Thanawongnuwech, DVM, PhD, led a team of researchers from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, who infected piglets 3 weeks of age with both the H1N1 strain of swine flu and the less dangerous H3N2 subtype.

“The results demonstrated that both swine flu subtypes were able to induce flu-like signs and lung lesions in weanling pigs,” Thanawongnuwech said. “However, the severity of the disease with regard to both gross and microscopic lung lesions was greater in the H1N1-infected pigs.”

All infected pigs developed respiratory signs, such as nasal discharge, coughing, sneezing and conjunctivitis. On pathologic examination, lung lesions large enough to be seen without a microscope were observed. According to Thanawongnuwech, “these lesions were characterized by dark, plum-colored, consolidated areas on lung lobes and were most severe 2 days after infection, especially in the H1N1-infected pigs, where approximately one-third of the lung was covered.” The course of infection was limited to 1 week or less. None of the animals died.

Veterinary Forum

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Choosing a dog breeder.

Most people are very interested in animals, especially dogs, wanted to have an apartment or house. Dog breeder is a person, you can contact if you want a pure-bred dog. But the problems that dog the breeder reputation and you should make sure that the person who, after the animals are healthy and they are. Easy to see ads in local newspapers, but it is recommended to ensure that breeders of dogs selected by the Board. How to select the dog breeder?

The aim of this paper is to propose some ways to tell if a person responsible and trustworthy or not.

Search Reference

In general, a dog breeder is responsible and professional and very careful with the reference: if it can be extended, the characteristics of each person, a professional who is interested. A good dog breeder to provide information about the past and the dog gets a phone number or a contact. You can see the effect. You can always contact breeder dog, which has contributed to some of your friends because you can say you are responsible for it.

You will be asked a series of questions

A good dog breeder may be that animals and humans have many more questions for you. They wanted to ensure that the animals are in the right environment, people in the law because it is very important. They have information about your life and the economy, or if you have children or not, the size of houses and gardens and other issues to ensure that the dog is the right place with the right family. If the dog breeder does not ask all these questions with regard to money and you can not see the dog well.

Risks and Insurance

A professional dog breeder has all the dogs and puppies for sale through medical tests mereka.Yet, there are some problems that can be observed after several months or years. Golden Retriever, for example, can be a problem, it is dysphasia, genetic errors in the hip joints of animals that can not be seen until the animal is several months. In this case, a good dog breeder will not trouble to give the money back, or what circumstances. genetics of this problem can be avoided by selective breeding, but there are many chicken because hereditary disease, while some of them as hereditary effects.

Another way a dog breeder

Internet and local newspapers, but some places where you can a dog breeder. You can also try to pet stores and veterinarians, and exhibition of dogs. This means that if a dog breeder is reliable for success and love for dogs and performance that you did.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

"Alternative" Medicine on your pets

Field of alternative medical treatment animals is to analyze and consider the various things that have a direct impact on the life of your pet. Including the practices that use a combination of conventional and alternative methods to find the best answers to solve problems in your pet.

Many veterinarians who understand the alternative treatment of dog and cat, to provide a comprehensive evaluation that includes the behavior, nutrition, environment, emotional stress and other factors on your pet. Veterinarians recognize that this practice will provide a variety of additional services beyond the standard physical examination continued.

You can now create a revitalized with alternative healing gem necklace on your pets. The question is why I must have with this?. Yes necklace can now be offered on alternative your pets. On the internet offered a lot of sales of accessories for your dogs and cats online.

Aromatherapy is also an effective complementary therapy in the psychological treatment, the condition of restlessness, stress, and depression. Could not be denied a relationship between the baud memory. The term refers to the use of aromatherapy perfume or essential oil. This oil is a concentrated perfume (essences) are taken from plant sources such as wood, flowers, fruit, root-akaran, leaves and resins.Do you know breathe with the calm that is a matter of psychological activate positive emotional responses of the brain that control memory and emotion?

Do not you want your pet healthy and stylish? For that use an alternative method such as aromatherapy and the necklace can make the dog and cat you become more healthy and stylish.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fish and Humans May Share Pain Reactions

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. Fish don't make noises or contort their faces to show pain when hooks are removed from their mouths, but a Purdue University researcher believes they feel that pain all the same.
Joseph Garner, DPhil, an assistant professor of animal sciences at Purdue, helped develop a test that showed goldfish can feel pain and that their reactions to it are much like that of humans. "There has been an effort by some to argue that a fish's response to noxious stimuli is merely a reflexive action and that the fish didn't really feel pain," Garner said. "We wanted to see if fish responded to potentially painful stimuli in a reflexive way or a more clever way."
Garner and Janicke Nordgreen, a doctoral student at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, attached small foil heaters to the goldfish and slowly increased the temperature. To prevent any physical damage to tissue, the heaters were designed with sensors and safeguards that turned the heaters off at certain temperatures.
For the test, half of the fish were injected with morphine and the others received saline. The researchers believed that those receiving morphine would be able to withstand higher temperatures before reacting if they actually felt the pain. However, both groups of fish showed a response at about the same temperature.
Because both groups of fish wriggled at about the same temperature, the researchers thought the responses might be more like a reflex than a cognitive reaction. The reflexive response is similar to people involuntarily moving their hand off a hot stove.
However, subsequent observation of the goldfish in their home tanks found that each group exhibited different behaviors.
"The fish given the morphine acted like they always had: swimming and being fish," Garner said. "The fish that had received saline — even though they responded the same in the test — later acted differently. They showed defensive behaviors that indicated wariness, fear or anxiety."
Nordgreen said those behavioral differences demonstrated that fish can feel both reflexive and cognitive pain.
"The experiment shows that fish not only respond to painful stimuli with reflexes but also change their behavior after the event," Nordgreen said. "Together with what we know from experiments carried out by other groups, this indicates that the fish consciously perceive the test situation as painful and switch to behaviors indicative of having been through an aversive experience."
Garner believes that the morphine blocked the experience of pain, but not behavioral responses to the heat stimulus itself.
"If you have a headache and take a painkiller, the pain may go away, but you can still feel the presence or discomfort of the headache," Garner said. "The goldfish that did not get morphine experienced a painful, stressful event. Then 2 hours later, they turned that pain into fear," Garner said. "To me, it sounds a lot like how we experience pain."
The findings could raise questions about slaughter methods and how fish are handled in research. Garner said standards of care could be revisited to ensure fish are being treated humanely.
A paper detailing the finding was published in an online version of Applied Animal Behaviour Science.

source : http://www.vettechjournal.com

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Great advice to start training your rabbit

Mini Loop rabbits, all kinds of rabbits are very intelligent animals that are capable of waste trained, making it a total of more easy to assess as domestic servants. Although the formation of waste or rabbit type animal, for that matter, the first thing to note is that you need lots of patience, with positive reinforcement, which consists of praise and good health, kind treatment.

Here are some tips and trips to monitor the bed for your mini-LOP rabbits with the base, you should immediately:
- Cage: Even if your mini-LOP is a house and the animals must be free of the house, while the time needed to verify that everything is "Bunny-proofed," Most rabbits are all still a cage, and Above However, the waste to form a much simpler procedure.

To begin to teach your rabbit, the recovery of its waste box close to the field inside the cage in the corner, who chose as his name "Bad area. Once the idea that the area where he had to go, and you can read a little out of the house near the cage.

- Articles for cleaning up: some of the key you want on hand for cleaning after mini-cutting and the inevitable accidents, they also have white vinegar, which is excellent for cleaning urine stains, bleach to disinfect water at regular intervals, and is a hand vacuum or whiskbroom man and to clean.

The urine of a rabbit certainly very strong, strong smell, they go to the stain and remove it as soon as possible.

- Roll-top box: Although you can have a mini-LOP, with more than one area is generally recommended, as rabbits tend to spend much time on their waste.

- Launch: The type of bed is largely dependent on your rabbit and their own habits. It is, hands away from certain types of waste, not suitable for rabbits, as the nature, too dusty, which allows you to your pet is difficult, more and more popular or pieces that cat litter, which are introduced into the digestive tract and intestinal tract.

Your rabbit is necessarily nibble on waste so you want to make sure that what you have in the area will not be hurt in the process.

Some rabbits of the owner of the election of hay, in which each type of cats, and even newspapers, you save the urine, but no odor control. One way to check the newspaper box from the bottom of the waste and then, a handful of hay or straw, for the urine of rabbits in your body and feet.

Remember that, despite their best efforts in training, its mini-LOP yet Pills Drop waste scattered around the outside of your house to mark the territory as their own. This does not mean that your rabbit does not give lessons, or are unable to provide training, but it is a presentation of normal rabbits.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First on the case Diarrhea

Diarrhea often occurs in young dogs & cats. However, Dogs & Cats diarrhea can also fell ill. If this is left, then the condition of animals will be tearing down due to dehydration (lack of fluids). Next result is fatal because it can threaten animal life who we loves

At the time of diarrhea, body fluids are involved exit through the back. Frequency defecation very often can be compared in normal circumstances. When our pet animals in healthy conditions, the activity of defecation between 1 - 2 times a day. Consistency faeces solid form until quite soft. Now in diarrhea, the consistency faeses be very weak until the liquid is sometimes accompanied by blood and or mucus. Frequency of defecation also become more frequent. The more often the more dangerous if left without adequate help.

Main issues need to be done is to seek re-entry of fluid into the body of a dog / cat who fell ill diarrhea. How to give fluids oralit a little bit, but often. Should not use oralit usually due to human oralit page contains fruit taste, such as citrus. Pain is not very liked cats. Mix sugar spoon with a little salt in a glass of warm water.  Forced feeding solution oralit  with the spoon, or spuit (without needle). This is a bit forced animals to drink. But be careful not to do so hiccup.

Do not give food (fasting) for 24 hours when the animals are mature age. However, when still  (kitten / puppy) just 12 hours only. Give food that is not neutral & can iritation of digestion, such as boiled chicken meat or tuna fish stew that choping. Can also be yellow chicken stew. Food is so specific to this condition is also available.

Place the animal at that clean, dry and warm. Anti-diarrhea medication can also be given as Kaopectat, Nifural, etc. Newdiatabs. Note the well-dose.

If in 24 hours condition does not improve, take it to  your veterinarian. Infus action may be required to return the liquid that has been out.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Quit Biting Puppy

Learning to stop for a dog bite may seems, is impossible, but there is really a series of techniques you can use to bite dogs. If you stay in your training, you will be surprised how fast you can a dog is good.

Biting dogs are just doing that, of course, but when it starts to hurt or are in the process of destroying the furniture, it is time to act. This is achieved in several ways, but one of the best ways to stop dog sew is the use of their sense of taste to be.
If your dog is biting, while your hands are slightly worse taste your dog on your hands. You can find May, garlic or chili works best. A little experience and find something that your dog really did not like the taste. Once your dog is when you bite the hand that is very unpleasant taste, it will soon stop their evil deeds.

This technique can also be used in the furniture industry. Apply in small amounts in the fields of furniture, the next attack puppies bite. Soon it will turn its attention elsewhere. That fail to learn sewing Puppies May seem impossible, but with the tips that you bite the dog will soon be under control. You should always remember that you hold the course again, for your young dog to learn what the bite. Learn to stop biting dog is a matter of frequency and use the best technical training.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)

Center of Dieasese Control and Prevention (CDC), continues to take measures for the incident caused by the expansion of H1N1 (swine flu). CDC answers goal is to reduce the transmission and severity of disease, and information for providers of health services to health and the public to cope with this emergency.

CDC continues to publish and update the daily life as a response to a rapidly changing situations. In the early morning, the guidelines of the CDC, the closure of schools. Supply to the CDC in the Department bearing the Country Strategy Paper (NHS) for all 50 states and territories of the United States to respond to the epidemic. Moreover, the federal government and manufacturers have the process of developing a vaccine against the new virus.

Answer forceful measures, but may vary from country to country and the communities that the local situation. Communities, businesses, places of worship, schools and all the people who take measures to curb the spread of the epidemic. Those for the patient at home to work or school and any contact with other people, unless medical care. This action may prevent a further spread of the disease.

Source: www.cdc.gov/swineflu
H1N1 Flu website last updated May 1, 2009, 8:45 PM ET

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