Sunday, May 24, 2009

Choosing a dog breeder.

Most people are very interested in animals, especially dogs, wanted to have an apartment or house. Dog breeder is a person, you can contact if you want a pure-bred dog. But the problems that dog the breeder reputation and you should make sure that the person who, after the animals are healthy and they are. Easy to see ads in local newspapers, but it is recommended to ensure that breeders of dogs selected by the Board. How to select the dog breeder?

The aim of this paper is to propose some ways to tell if a person responsible and trustworthy or not.

Search Reference

In general, a dog breeder is responsible and professional and very careful with the reference: if it can be extended, the characteristics of each person, a professional who is interested. A good dog breeder to provide information about the past and the dog gets a phone number or a contact. You can see the effect. You can always contact breeder dog, which has contributed to some of your friends because you can say you are responsible for it.

You will be asked a series of questions

A good dog breeder may be that animals and humans have many more questions for you. They wanted to ensure that the animals are in the right environment, people in the law because it is very important. They have information about your life and the economy, or if you have children or not, the size of houses and gardens and other issues to ensure that the dog is the right place with the right family. If the dog breeder does not ask all these questions with regard to money and you can not see the dog well.

Risks and Insurance

A professional dog breeder has all the dogs and puppies for sale through medical tests mereka.Yet, there are some problems that can be observed after several months or years. Golden Retriever, for example, can be a problem, it is dysphasia, genetic errors in the hip joints of animals that can not be seen until the animal is several months. In this case, a good dog breeder will not trouble to give the money back, or what circumstances. genetics of this problem can be avoided by selective breeding, but there are many chicken because hereditary disease, while some of them as hereditary effects.

Another way a dog breeder

Internet and local newspapers, but some places where you can a dog breeder. You can also try to pet stores and veterinarians, and exhibition of dogs. This means that if a dog breeder is reliable for success and love for dogs and performance that you did.

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