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Use of PVC sheet for Repair of fracture in Eagle


The fracture of wing is not so common condition in free-range birds. This may sometime occur because of trauma or accidents as wing bones are thin and brittle with large medullary canal (Bennett and Kuzma, 1992). It is very difficult to put bandage over such bones as it increases weight of the wings that disturbs the normal posture and balance of bird. The present paper deals with the efforts to decrease weight of bandage, at the same time given full rigidity and toughness using PVC sheet as plastering material.

History and Observation

An adult male eagle was presented at Pet clinic and care centre, Akola, with the history of trauma due to unknown cause and was unable to fly. Bird was restless and trying to fly but was not able to fly. After clinical observation, the case was diagnosed as a compound fracture of humerus bone of left wing. There was swelling of area due to blood clot. The skin was opened and piece of sharp ends of fractured bone could be seen. Hence it was decided to operate the bird using some new technique other than described elsewhere (Martin and Ritchie, 1994).

Surgical Treatment:

The feathers around the fractured area were plugged out. Local anaethesia at about 3-5 ml (2% procaine HCl) was infiltrated locally around the growth (Hoque, 2001). The area was washed and cleaned with normal saline and was painted with antiseptic. The fractured ends then aligned properly and kept in opposition. After putting cotton bandage, 2mm thick PVC sheet of size 4"×1" was made pliable by putting it in the hot water for2-4 min. for allowing proper fitting over bone. These two plates were tied over using sutured nylon (by passing through skin) and a knot was applied as three pairs. Then the wing was bandaged to restrict the movement of wing . Before applying bandage, the wound was powdered with antibiotic, ampicillin. On third day, the bandage was opened and the site was dressed with antiseptic and 50 % hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and the powder was dusted around the stitches for next 10 gays. On removal of plates on 25th day, complete healing of the area was revealed and bird was able to fly.


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by : G. P. Manjulkar1, P. R. Zade2 and V. P. Pathak3
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